Our company attaches great importance to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and always adheres to the concept of sustainable development. When formulating strategies and planning for the future, the company attaches great importance to environmental protection and strives to reduce carbon emissions. Our goal is to reduce the negative impact on the environment while the company grows, and to take concrete actions while increasing network publicity.

In the context of the national dual carbon strategic goal environment, Inner Mongolia BestBorder actively responds and cooperates with well-known enterprises at home and abroad to take ESG as the strategic goal of the enterprise. Take science and technology as the center, enhance the ESG value of enterprises, and strive to be a low-carbon pioneer in the packaging industry.
The company reduces the consumption of raw materials through recycling and reuse. Use scientific and technological means to upgrade production lines, improve efficiency, and reduce the production energy consumption per unit of product.
Disposable wooden tableware produced by BestBorder in Inner Mongolia replaces plastic tableware, reducing the use of tens of millions of disposable plastic products every year worldwide and reducing environmental pollution. The degradability of single-use wooden tableware allows it to be decomposed by nature, allowing the carbon contained in the product to be returned to the earth rather than emitted into the atmosphere.
At the same time, the company strives to create a diverse, equal and healthy working atmosphere to stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of employees. The proportion of female employees in the company is 72.73%, and gifts will be given to female employees on Women's Day every year to care about their personal health and family status.
At the same time of the company's development, Inner Mongolia BestBorder always keeps in mind its social responsibility and actively participates in public welfare activities in Hohhot City and Jinchuan District.
Moreover, the company vigorously promotes the concept of sustainable development, green development and high-quality development in ESG, pays attention to the characteristics of the packaging industry, and refines its own management.